Welcome to 2HB. Here is a little peak at some of the things we have been doing in the Autumn Term.  
We have read 2 lovely books in Literacy during the Autumn term and this has helped us to write our own stories, use new and exciting language and think about how life might be from someone else's perspective. 
The first book we read was The River, we linked to to the continents and oceans of the world where we learnt about life in lots of different places. 
Our second book was The Night Gardener, we linked this to animals and life processes, We learnt all about how we know that something is living, dead or was never alive. We also planned and made out own owl cuddly toys. 
In maths we use Maths - No Problem, through this scheme we learn to look at mathematical concepts, investigate problems using practical apparatus, record our findings using pictures and symbols and then work out abstract equations using the methods we have learnt. Our lessons are always practical and fun, we support one another with our learning and investigate lots of ways to solve one problem.