Autumn 1 in Year 2

Autumn 1 - Grandad's Island
This half term our topic has been Rainforests based around the story book Grandad's Island. Each unit starts with a hook, to excite and motivate the children. The children were really excited to find out what the key under the plant pot was for and who's suitcase we had in our classroom.
Throughout the unit we have been busy looking at new and interesting language from the book and using expanded noun phrases to describe the setting and the characters. The children have enjoyed writing their own adventure stories creating their own setting and characters. They have really been challenged this half term in using a range of new punctuation and we can't believe how many of them have used it independently in their writing. We are really proud of each and every one of them.
This half term we have been identifying that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited. We also received a letter from Syd's Grandad (from the story Grandad's Island) asking us to investigate which material would be best to make an umbrella out of. The children had lots of fun.
Foundation Subjects
Music - The children created their own rainforest soundscape using untuned instruments.
Geography - We have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We've compared rainforests to forests in the UK.
History - The children have been learning all about the history of Chester Zoo. They ordered the events on a timeline and created their own key and map for Chester Zoo.
Art - At the beginning of the term the children used different colours and patterns to create a portrait of themselves.
ICT - We have been learning all about how to stay safe online.
PE - The children have enjoy games with Mr Vickers who has been very impressed with them all.