Pancake Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday Mrs Hall  and Mrs Cooper made pancakes in assembly
All our chefs washed their hands before beginning to cook.  We read the recipe to check that we had all the ingredients.  We needed flour, eggs, milk and salt to make the pancake mixture; then oil to cook them. The sugar and lemon juice made them taste delicious.  We carefully weighed out and sieved the flour. Next we cracked 2 eggs into the jug and whisked them into the flour.  Then we measured out the milk and whisked that into the mixture until it was smooth and there were no lumps!
Next Mrs Hall carefully poured the pancake batter into the frying pan and cooked the pancake until it was golden brown.
Lots of children had a go at flipping the pancakes.  Some pancakes ended up on the floor, but it didn’t matter as we gave them to the birds when we had finished flipping.