World Book Day Book Cover Design Competition




Dear Greasby Infant School Children,


When we choose a book to read, we always look at the book cover first to see if we will like the book. The book cover gives us clues as to what the book is going to be about. The lettering is always clear so we know what the book is called and who the author is.


Now it’s your chance to design a book cover for one of your favourite books. Remember to make the letters stand out, use lots of colour to attract our attention and draw one or more characters or important items from the book. You can use the template provided or make your own.


Complete your book design by Wednesday 3rd March. If you are in school that day, take it in to your class teacher. If you are at home, post your design on Tapestry. One winner from each class will be chosen on World Book Day and they will receive a prize.


Get Designing!