Autumn Term 2021

Autumn Term in F2
We have had a great first term in reception, making lots of new friends and getting to know so many new faces. It has been tricky being in school five days a week and learning to read, write and count but we have all rose to the challenge and became excellent learners very quickly!
In our phonics lessons, we have learned all of our single set 1 sounds as well as some of the specials friends which include sh, ch, th, ng and nk. We have also thoroughly enjoyed reading The Something and learning about the main character in The Star in the Jar during our literacy lessons. We are beginning to label pictures with initial sounds and writing CVC words!
During our maths lessons, we have been learning about ordering numerals, counting out the correct amounts without error and subitising up to 5. We are fantastic at number work! Towards the end of the term, we started to recognise 2D shapes including circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. 
We have loved being creative making junk models relating to the stories we have been reading and have enjoyed exploring the enchanted wood at the bottom of our school field.
Here are some photographs of our time in F2 so far: