Welcome to Pre-School's Homepage

Pre-schools hours are:

Morning Session is 8.45am to 11.45am

Lunch Club is 11.45am to 12.30pm

Afternoon Session is 12.30pm to 3.30pm


For the first few weeks the most important thing for us to do is to settle the children in and allow them to fully enjoy their new environment. It is during this time that we can make some very useful observations of the children and really think about how we can best support each child on their entry into our class.

Now that a few weeks have passed, the children are all feeling more confident about settling in. Even within the short time that we have spent with the children, we have seen the progress that they are all making. There is so much potential in every one of them and we are proud to be supporting their learning.

In order to learn how to fully support each child’s learning we spend the first few weeks really getting to know them. We try to establish their likes and dislikes so that the themes can be designed. Once the children have settled in and are familiar with the routines and expectations, we will plan activities that will forward their learning at a pace designed for their individual needs. The children are working on hanging up their own coats on their pegs, placing their bottles and lunch boxes in the designated areas and placing their bags in their trays. It is important they recognise their own names as quickly as possible to help them with these tasks. The children complete a variety of daily tasks to support the recognition of their names.

Whenever we see the children trying really hard or following our class rules or simply just being great, they are awarded with a pretend banana – which they then feed to Bubbles’ (the class toy monkey). Upon achieving multiples of 10 bananas the children will receive a small prize. Stickers are also awarded for praise.

The main coverage, for each theme, will be from the 3 prime areas (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development) with additional coverage of the four specific areas (Maths, Literacy, Expressive arts and design, and Understanding of the world) through a balance of adult led and child initiated activities. Copies of the themes coverage will be added to the school website regularly.

Preschool love to learn through play. Threading helps us strengthen our fingers so that we can soon become excellent writers. Playing in the sand when it is in a tray on the floor helps us use different muscles than we use when the sand is in a tray on the table top. We like to alternate between the two, to strengthen the different muscles. 

Over the next few weeks the children will explore more about themselves and their families as we complete our Marvellous Me theme. This will include talking about what the children enjoy doing both inside and outside of school – photographs placed on tapestry will be a great discussion starting point – so cameras ready everyone and please add lots of pictures to your child’s learning journal.

We will continue to expand our learning about the facial features and explore what we use them for - supporting our communication, listening and investigation skills. The children will start to join in with phonics sessions phase 1, ready for RWI sessions later on in the term.

Using the story of Goldilocks we will look at the characters likes and dislikes (incorporating healthy eating) and consolidate counting, identifying and (for some children) writing/mark making numbers to 3.

Concentrating on PSED objectives the adults will continue to model how to show an interest in others play and keep play going by responding to others and initiate play – helping the children to seek others to share experiences with. And as we follow the class and school rules the children will learn to inhibit own actions and avoid doing things they should not do - in keeping with the school expectations.