Welcome to Year 1

Autumn 2
This half term we will be learning all about Rapunzel. We will be reading lots of different versions of this, and other, traditional fairy tales. Once we have read Rapunzel we will begin to plan and write our own stories. We will be learning all about story language, adjectives, alliteration and much more! The Year 1 team can't wait to read the stories created by our budding authors!
During this term we will continue our exploration into the world of mathematics. We will be thinking about numbers to 20, 2D and 3D shapes, addition and subtraction and how to identify whether there are 'more' or 'fewer' in a group.
As always, we will have access to lots of equipment to help us on our journey of discovery. The children will continue to show us how they have worked out answers to questions through their use of tens frames, counters, cubes and other practical resources. We will consider how we can show this on paper and then use our new knowledge to answer questions in our maths books.
In Science we will be learning all about different materials. We will be investigating which materials make the best towers. During this topic we will be thinking about man-made, natural and waterproof materials. Through exploration we will use words such as, rough, smooth, hard, soft, shiny and slippery to describe materials. Once we have investigated the properties of materials we will put our knowledge to the test by making our own towers; I wonder which material will be the best for Rapunzel?