What to Expect in Year 1

Welcome to Year One!
In Year One we love to learn! Each topic is linked to the story we are learning about in Literacy, we link our art, DT, Science, Geography and History to the theme in the story to help us to gain a broad and balanced understanding of the themes we are learning about. This term is all about the Seaside and we hope you will find lots of ways to learn about the Seaside in our own country while you are working from home.
During year one we learn all about numbers to 100; including addition, subtraction and simple multiplication and division. We enjoy finding 2D and 3D shapes in the environment and learning about the features of the different shapes. Using water, reading scales, weighing things and investigating also form part of our mathematical learning.
In we love to investigate; we look at the properties of materials and how these materials can be used. We learn about carrying out simple experiments and how to make a fair test, ways to make a prediction and discussing whether or not our predictions worked.