2HB Bubble Closure Monday 28th June

Monday 28th June 2021

Thank you so much for your hard work over the past week. I am so grateful to you for all of the support you have shown during this difficult time. Please don't forget that children return to school on Tuesday 29th June and all children need to come to school in their PE kit on Tuesday and Wednesday.



When we were last in school we had been looking at words that use the suffixes ‘ness’ and ‘ment’ – the children came up with lists of different words and we displayed these on the working wall at the back of the classroom. Ask them if they can remind you what a suffix is (end of a word) and if they can give you example of words that end with the suffix ‘ment’ and ‘ness’.

The sheet provided gives examples of words using these suffixes. The children need to work out which word fits into which space and then write a sentence for each of the words. Please encourage neat handwriting, full stops, capital letters and fingers spaces.


Work through the PowerPoint about money. If you child is struggling to recognize the coins then please focus on  this, if you have any around the house then practice using these. Then work through the questions on the PowerPoint, encouraging your child to use their skills of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help them to work out how much money is in the jar.

Then complete the work sheet to show how your child could pay for the different items. There is a second page (use the amounts from the 1st page) which involves adding two amounts together. If your child manages the first page without any problems please ask them to complete the second page too, if they need more time to practice the first page then try this using coins if you have them available at home.


Show the children the map of the world (on PPT) and ask if they can identify where we are; then ask if they have heard of the Caribbean, if so can they find it on the map? Using an atlas or the internet, get the children to find the Caribbean and then locate it on the world map.

Using a plain piece of paper split into 2. Write ‘UK’ on one half and ‘Caribbean’ on the other side – without doing any research, ask your child to write everything they know about the UK on one half and everything they know about the Caribbean on the other half. Then using books, the internet, an atlas research the Caribbean and the UK – focus on the differences between buildings, weather and food in each locality. Using a different coloured pencil record anything they learn through research to both halves of the paper. They can bring this to school to help with the rest of our work this week. I have added some facts to the PowerPoint to help.


Thank you

Mrs Booth