We love to design, make an evaluate our work in DT at Greasby Infant School. We using different materials. try different foods and look closely at how things work to help us with the development of our skills within the DT curriculum. 
  • DT curriculum reflects breadth and ambition for all pupils (incl. SEND & DAP)- securing knowledge & culture capital for success in life.
  •  DT curriculum is planned and sequenced towards knowledge and skills for future success.
  • DT curriculum is clearly planned (in long, medium & short term) and building towards clear end points.
  • DT curriculum is broad and balanced, and the subject content is taught in a logical progression, systematically and explicitly – so that all pupils acquire the intended knowledge & skills.
  • DT curriculum is designed, adapted and developed to meet the needs of the context of all the pupils and especially the needs of SEND pupils.
  • All teacher’s subject knowledge and use of feedback, deepening, challenging & supporting learning in the subject are at least good.
  • Extent to which teaching is supporting knowledge development, making & securing long term memory.
  • All Staff’s high expectations reflected in well planned and sequenced learning meeting subject aims, providing challenge for all pupils- developing knowledge to clear end points.
  • DT teaching materials and approaches reflect ambition, are well sequenced in Knowledge & Skills and support ‘subject intent’.
  • Impact of teachers’/ leaders’ subject assessments on embedding knowledge, checking understanding & informing teaching.
  • Sequential teaching and reinforcement of reading, (incl. phonics where appropriate) in the subject curriculum area, is leading to pupils developing fluency, confidence and enjoyment of reading.
  • Pupils are acquiring the detailed knowledge & skills required within the subject area.
  • Quality of work across DT is of at least a good quality in all year groups.
  • Pupils are reaching the required ‘end points’ in the subject (including the outcomes in tests -where appropriate-reflected in progress and attainment). – including for the least and most able.
  • Within DT, reading is promoted widely & often at an age appropriate level leading to fluency, comprehension and enjoyment.
  • Within DT, RE is promoted at an age appropriate level to reinforce application of knowledge, concepts & procedures.
  • Pupils’ are well prepared for next stage of learning, year group, key stage or employment, including the best outcomes for SEND & disadvantaged pupils.