European Languages Day

On Monday, 20th September we celebrated European Languages Day
The children started the day with Assembly where we found out about the different countries each class was studying.
Mrs Clark taught the children how to sing Frere Jacques in French, Spanish and English.
We found out that many of the words used in ballet are French words.  Our two ballerinas showed us the positions they use during their lessons.
F2LS were finding out about the country of Wales.  They learnt a Welsh song and some Welsh words, as well as creating large Welsh flags and painting their own Welsh dragons.  They also enjoyed trying Welsh cakes.
F2WT were finding out about the country of Italy.  They found out about Italian food and learnt how to say "Hello" in Italian.
1CP learnt about Belgium, 1SC learnt about Poland, 2JB learnt about Greece and 2HB learnt about Germany.
The all learnt words from each language and were taught about and tasted traditional foods.